Property Maintenance

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Lawn care

  • To ensure quality air, the burning of garbage, leaves, and yard waste is prohibited.
  • Yard waste, including brush, may not be stored outside for more than seven days unless the material is being used for composting, done in accordance with state regulations.
  • Yards that contain noxious weeds (as defined by State of Iowa Code) must be mowed.
  • All trees and shrubs should be properly trimmed for pedestrian use.
  • The City is responsible for removing damaged or hazardous trees or shrubs within the City right-of-way. This may include items that obstruct the view of traffic.
  • Trees located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Contact the property owner with concerns about trees or shrubs on private property.
  • For tree planting permits, contact the Parks and Recreation Department, 515-239-5342. Call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 for utility locations before you dig.

  • To keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe, snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 10 daylight hours of the cessation of the accumulation.
  • Property owners are responsible for the sidewalks and areas from the curb to the property line. Sidewalks that become dangerous are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • To report a sidewalk that is damaged or has not had snow removed, call the Public Works Department at 515-239-5550.
General care

  • Recreational fires are permitted in approved containers, such as chimineas. Fires shall be located more than 15 feet away from any structure (including decks, porches, fences, and sheds) and any combustible materials (such as weeds, shrubs, and furniture).
  • Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated or located on balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. These devices are permitted in: 1) one and two family dwellings and 2) where buildings, balconies, and decks are protected by an automatic sprinkler system. Electric powered grills are permitted to be on balconies.
  • Contact the Fire Department at 515-239-5108 with questions or visit
  • To ensure birds and animals are kept out of garbage, all garbage set outdoors should be kept in a watertight and tightly closed hard receptacle.
  • Vehicles classified as junk vehicles may not be stored within the city limits for more than 48 hours unless the vehicle is stored in a garage, behind an enclosed opaque wall a minimum of 6-feet high, under a tightly fitted vehicle cover, or on the premises of an authorized salvage yard.
  • The outdoor storage or placement of household appliances or furnishings, unless designed for outdoors, is prohibited.
  • For concerns regarding garbage, call the Inspections Division of the Fire Department at 515-239-5153 or visit