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Rent Smart Ames takes tenants through the renting process from the moment they decide to rent in Ames to the return of their security deposit after moving out. Tenants are provided with information about what to look for in a rental unit, what to expect while renting, and how to be a smart renter. To get started, utilize the links below to learn about specific aspects of renting, or about the entire renting process.
  • Beginning Your SearchRent Smart Ames logo 3
    • Develop preferences
    • Create a budget
    • Visit Iowa Housing Search
    • Tour the unit
  • Roommates
  • Signing a Lease
    • Types of leases
    • Lease components
    • Deposits and fees
    • Terminating a lease
  • Moving In
    • Perform inspection
    • Activate utilities
    • Purchase renter's insurance
  • During your Tenancy
    • Repairs
    • Right of entry
    • Be a good neighbor 
  • Moving Out
    • Clean your unit
    • Complete checklist
    • Deactivate utilities
    • Return of security deposit
  • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Responsibilities of tenants
    • Responsibilities of landlords
    • Fair Housing 
    • Tenant remedies
    • Landlord remedies