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The Rent Smart Ames program was created to provide landlords and tenants with the resources and expertise to make renting in Ames a Smart Choice! Through a collaborative effort between the City of Ames and Iowa State University communities, Rent Smart Ames incorporates information landlords and tenants need to know about renting. With this site, landlords can list their properties, prospective tenants can receive step-by-step guidance about renting, and both landlords and tenants can learn about their rights and responsibilities.

The Rent Smart Ames program centers around three distinct areas of renting: rental housing, tenant education, and landlord education. Listed below is a brief summary of each area.

1. Rental Housing
- Listing and searching rental housing in Ames is now easier than ever before with Iowa Housing Search. Iowa Housing Search, partnered with the Iowa Finance Authority, is Iowa’s free rental housing locator, which enables landlords to easily advertise their rental housing, and prospective tenants to choose their housing preference based on what’s important to them.
2. Tenant Education - Rent Smart Ames takes tenants through the renting process from the moment they decide to rent in Ames to the return of their security deposit after moving out. Tenants are provided with information about what to look for in a rental unit, what to expect while renting, and how to be a smart renter.

3. Landlord Education - With the Iowa Housing Search website, landlords are provided with a venue to publicize their available rental units in Ames for no charge. Additionally, Rent Smart Ames assists landlords with the basic aspects of renting in Ames, the process of registering a rental property, and understanding the rights and responsibilities of landlords.

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