Staff Contacts and Address

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The City of Ames employs more than 500 dedicated staff members in 18 departments and divisions to serve the residents of Ames. The City of Ames is a full-service local government which includes utilities such as Ames Electric Services, Ames Water Plant, and Ames Water Pollution Control. Our emergency response team includes Ames Fire Department, Ames Police Department and our Emergency Communications Center. Other City of Ames departments include Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Planning and Housing, Legal, Human Resources, Finance, and Fleet.

Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


City Hall
515 Clark Ave
Ames, IA  50010

Utility Customer Service
City Hall
515 Clark Ave
Ames, IA  50010

Community Center (Parks and Recreation)
City Hall
515 Clark Ave
Ames, IA  50010

Clerk of Court

The Ames Public Library is a municipal library that operates under the leadership of the Library Board of Trustees. Additionally, our community-wide public transit system, CyRide, is a partnership between the City of Ames, Iowa State University, and ISU's Student Government.

Gammon, DaveWater Plant Assistant SuperintendentWater & Pollution Control515-239-5150
Gammon, JimSenior Engineering TechnicianPublic Works515-203-0795
Gansen, MarkCivil Engineer II - TrafficPublic Works515-239-5291
Geesman, AshleyLaboratory TechnicianWater & Pollution Control515-239-5151
Godwin, Brett Human Resources Officer IHuman Resources515-239-5392
Gould, JuliePlannerPlanning515-239-5400
Gries, KevinTransit Operations ManagerCyRide515-239-5576
Griffin, Pat Park MaintenanceParks & Recreation515-239-5342
Grimsley, JillLegal Services Administrative AssistantLegal515-239-5147
Grimsman, CarolynUtility Accounts TechnicianCustomer Services515-239-5120
Grooters, DerekSergeantPolice515-239-5230
Gwiasda, SusanPublic Relations OfficerCity Manager515-239-5204