WPC Facility Long-Range Facility Plan

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Water Pollution Control Facility Long-Range Facility Plan

In the mid-1980's, the City of Ames completed a comprehensive Wastewater Facility Plan.  That Facility Plan prompted the design and construction of the Ames Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) which has been in operation since late 1989.  The WPCF has, and continues to, meet all National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit requirements.  In fact, the facility has never violated a numeric limitation of its permit and it holds the third longest compliance record in the nation!

As the WPCF approached 25 years in age, a number of considerations needed to be addressed in the context of minimizing customer rate impacts over the long term:

  • Increasing repair and replacement needs
  • A corresponding need and desire to enhance asset management
  • Wet weather hydraulic capacity issues that must be addressed
  • Potential growth-related needs
  • A desire to independently verify and compare high strength rate surcharges
  • Regulatory challenges on the horizon

HDR Engineers was placed under contract in 2012 to prepare a roadmap for the WPCF spanning the next 20 years.  The study outlines the necessary ongoing repair and replacement needs, as well as future capacity needs of the facility.  It also provided a conceptual strategy to prepare the facility for future nutrient standards.  The end results of the study have been incorporated into the Facility's Capital Improvements Plan and will be implemented over a period of years. 

This proactive approach to managing the facility to meet the needs of a growing community enables long-term capital funding planning, which helps provide rate stability and predictability for customers of the Ames Water Pollution Control Facility.

WPCF Long range facility plan

Wastewater Disinfection Technologies Study (Final) - Dec. 2009

Ames WPCF Biosolids Storage Handling and Disposal Study - 2009