Drinking Water Quality Data

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At the end of each month, the Water Treatment Plant staff run reports on the Water Quality Data averages for the previous month. The data is then posted here.


Current Water Quality Data for the Month of December 2019

Raw Water Quality

Non-Carbonate Hardness, ppm: 125
Total Hardness, ppm: 424
Total Hardness, grains per gallon: 24.79
pH: 7.41

Treated Water Quality
Non-Carbonate Hardness, ppm: 124
Total Hardness, ppm: 177
Total Hardness, grains per gallon: 10.35
pH: 9.51
Chlorine residual, ppm: 2.78
Iron content, ppm: 0.02
Fluoride content, ppm: 0.34

Bacterial Samples
Samples Taken: 66
Confirmed Positive Samples: 0