Permanent Water Meters

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Badger Water Meter


  1. Once construction is near completion, a permanent water meter will be installed by the Water Meter Division. (Plumbing work, copper ground wire around meter, drywall, exterior siding/painting all completed, etc.) An 18/2- or 18/4-gauge bell wire must be installed from the meter setting to within three feet of the electric meter.  The remote read register will be installed when the permanent meter is installed.
  2. Call the Water Meter Division at 515-239-5151 to schedule an appointment to have the permanent meter installed.  Installation will occur within 48 hours of notification.  If a yard meter is to be installed, it will be done at the same time.
  3. Once the permanent meter(s) is installed and project ready for final inspection, call the Inspections Division.  Occupancy is prohibited until a final inspection has been completed.

Last Updated: December 22, 2016