Construction Water Meters

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  1. A master plumber must obtain a plumbing permit from the City of Ames Inspections Division.
  2. The Water Meter Division will size the water meter according to the number of fixture units listed on the plumbing permit.  The meter fee for the permanent meter will be billed when the construction meter is installed. 
  3. The construction meter cannot be set until either the contractor or property owner completes an Application For Municipal Utility Services
  4. All service lines larger than 2" must meet Inspections Division requirements.  For questions on requirements click here or to schedule an inspection contact the Inspections Division at 515-239-5153.  The Inspector will place a lock on the meter valve or curb box once inspection is complete.
  5. Contact the Water Meter Division to schedule an appointment for the meter to be installed at 515-239-5151. The meter will be installed within 48 hours.