Hauled Waste

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Hauled waste is accepted at our Water Pollution Control Facility located at 56797 280th Street. Hours for disposal are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, excluding City holidays. 

NOTE: Due to weight restrictions, a specific route to the Water Pollution Control Facility must be used. Click here for a map of the route. 

Haulers must complete and submit a Hauled Waste Manifest with each load. Click here for the Water Pollution Control Facility Hauled Waste Manifest. 

Standard wastes from the following are accepted: 

Grease interceptors
Septic systems
Portable toilets

No pre-authorization is required for standard waste disposal. We ask that you contact the facility to schedule an arrival time. To do so, please call 515-232-7423.


Non-standard wastes:

For disposal of all other types of waste, further approval is required. Please contact Dustin Albrecht at 515-239-5150 or by email at dalbrecht@cityofames.org for more information.


Hauled Waste Charges - Effective July 1, 2019

Domestic/Residential Waste: $8.24/Load + $3.97/100 gallons

Restaurant Grease Traps: $54.59/Load + $3.19/100 gallons 

Non-Domestic Waste: $8.24/Load + unit rate to be determined

Hauled waste from non-Ames locations are assessed a 15% surcharge.

The Ames Water Pollution Control Facility does not provide and does not intend to provide a hazardous waste disposal site.