Fluorescent Disposal

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Three Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Disposal

Fluorescent bulbs, whether long and slim or short and curly or round and tubular, need to be disposed of properly because of the mercury vapor in them.  We don't want you to put them in your regular garbage, because they will break and release that mercury vapor.  What you CAN do is bring ANY light bulb to us -- incandescent AND fluorescent -- and we'll make sure they get disposed of properly!  The best part -- we'll take them from residents free!  Just make your way to the Resource Recovery Plant at 110 Center Avenue and East Lincoln Way, go around to the north side of the plant (2nd Street) and enter the plant through the door marked "Lane 1".  Stop at the white booth on our tipping floor, and a floor attendant will be with you shortly to accept your light bulbs.

We work with Metro Hazardous Waste Dropoff in Bondurant to recycle all fluorescent bulbs turned in to us.  It's part of our household hazardous material program, so it doesn't cost you anything at the time of disposal; it's one of the services we provide for your per capita fee.

If you are a business, you can call either business below for disposal options:

  • A-Tec Recycling, 800-551-4912 or 515-244-7357
  • Metro Hazardous Waste Dropoff, 888-603-2739