University Boulevard Roundabouts

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Simulated traffic movements throughout the planned roundabout at the University Boulevard/Airport Road intersection.

Roundabout Myths, Facts, and FAQs

Project Overview.  As part of the of expansion of the Iowa State University Research Park, design improvements are being made to University Avenue south of U.S. Highway 30. Three roundabouts will be constructed along University Boulevard to allow for expansion of the ISU Research Park. The concept original concept (January 15, 2015) has been updated to the revised concept (February 2, 2015). A double-lane roundabout will be located at University Boulevard and Airport Road as well as a single-lane roundabout just south of the Workiva building and a third single-lane roundabout at the south end of the ISU Research Park.

Timeline.  Plans are being prepared to bid utility work in February/March and bid the pavement work in March/April. It is anticipated all work will begin this summer with project completion in the fall. The project is funded through a Revitalizing Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) Grant and General Obligation Bonds.

Construction. Construction is currently planned for the 2015 construction season. The intent of the team is to maintain traffic on University Boulevard and Airport Road during construction; however, there may be periods of time where access to driveways will be limited or denied to accommodate the work.

Design Process.  As with every City of Ames street design project, City engineers and consultants work to address issues of accessibility and safety. At the forefront of these discussions is multi-modal transportation. All project redesigns consider how pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicles of all size will negotiate any new addition to our community's transportation plan. The roundabouts are being added to this project - not as an experiment - but because they are a proven, effective, and safe transportation network tool.

Information.  A public information meeting to discuss the upcoming improvements will be held in March. Date, time and location are still being determined. The meeting will be an ‘open house’ format with no scheduled presentation. The project team will be looking for comments on the project during this early design phase. For additional information, contact City of Ames Project Engineer Eric Cowles at or at 515-239-5160.