Street Naming Guide

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Administrative Program for Street Naming and Addressing.  The street naming document was approved by the City Council on May 23, 2017. The purpose of the Administrative Program for Street Naming and Addressing is to establish standards for naming roadways and assigning numbers to all dwellings, principal buildings, businesses, and industries; and to assist emergency service agencies, the United States Postal Service, and the public in the timely and efficient provision of services to residents and businesses of Ames, Iowa.

Street Naming Theme Map

Street sign showing W. Hickory and N. Everett Streets

The following standards will be used in selecting street names:

  • A street name should be appropriate and easy to read, so that children can use the name in an emergency situation, and should add to community pride by promoting local heritage, history and traditions and reflect local geography and character.
  • Names with the same theme(i.e. flowers, states) are suggested for naming streets in an entire subdivision, as a means of general identification. Refer to the Street Naming Theme Map.
  • Historically used road names should be retained where possible.
  • Names tending to be confused as homonyms, having the same or similar pronunciation, but with different spellings, are discouraged and shall not be used within the City (e.g., Smith, Smyth or Smythe; Ellis or Allice; Allen or Alan.)
  • Names which my be offensive (slang, double meanings, etc.) shall be avoided.
  • Use of frivolous or complicated words, or unconventional spellings in road names is discouraged.
  • Avoid sound-alike names (e.g. Bay View Dr, Bayview Dr or Brainard Ln, Barnard Ln.)
  • Do not use special characters in road names such as hyphens, apostrophes or dashes. 
  • Avoid the use of standard suffixes or directional suffixes or prefixes as road/street names (e.g. North Boulevard, Court Street, Avenue of Pines).