Stormwater Permit

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City of Ames NPDES MS-4 Stormwater Permit Requirements

The City of Ames has a stormwater permit from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that has specific requirements. An Annual Report is prepared to explain what actions were taken each year to meet the requirements.

2016-2017 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report

2019-2020 Annual Report

Public Works oversees the permit requirements.   Following is a summary of these requirements:

Construction Site Runoff Control: 

Construction Site Erosion Control Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 5A 

Review of SWPPPs for compliance with General Permit No. 2

Quarterly inspections of all construction sites within City limits for which NOIs have been issued by IDNR

Enforcement of non-compliance

Post Construction Stormwater Management:

Post Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 5B

Conservation Subdivision Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 23

Review of stormwater plans

Inspection and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure

Watershed assessment plan

Public Education and Outreach:

Educating different target audiences from school children, residents to businesses

Member of the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership

Public Participation:

Engaging local residents and groups in water quality issues, projects, and events

Good Housekeeping:

Municipal programs use stormwater pollution best management practices to prevent pollution

Staff training on stormwater pollution prevention

Pollution prevention plans and spill prevention

Illicit Discharge:

Prevent illegal discharge of pollutants into the storm sewer system

Illicit Discharge Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 28, Div. VIII 28.804

Hotline-Contact Information

Response, cleanup, and prevention