Stormwater Permit

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City of Ames NPDES Stormwater Permit Requirements

The City of Ames has a stormwater permit from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that has specific requirements. Public Works oversees the permit requirements.   Following is a summary of these requirements:

Construction Site Runoff Control: 

Construction Site Erosion Control Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 5A 

Review of SWPPPs for compliance with General Permit No. 2

Quarterly inspections of all construction siteswithin City limits for which NOIs have been issued by IDNR

Enforcement of non-compliance

Post Construction Stormwater Management:

Post Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 5B

Conservation Subdivision Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 23

Review of stormwater plans

Inspection and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure

Watershed assessment plan

Public Education and Outreach:

Educating different target audiences from school children, residents to businesses

Member of the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership

Public Participation:

Engaging local residents and groups in water quality issues, projects, and events

Good Housekeeping:

Municipal programs use stormwater pollution best management practices to prevent pollution

Staff training on stormwater pollution prevention

Pollution prevention plans and spill prevention

Illicit Discharge:

Prevent illegal discharge of pollutants into the storm sewer system

Illicit Discharge Ordinance:  Municipal Code Chapter 28, Div. VIII 28.804

Hotline-Contact Information

Response, cleanup, and prevention