Stormwater Fees

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July 2017

New stormwater utility fees went into effect on July 1. The new fees that are charged on your monthly utility bill, reflect the ongoing costs of managing stormwater in our community.  The fees are used to address aging infrastructure, rehabilitation and maintenance work as well as education/outreach activities and compliance with state and federal stormwater runoff regulations. Capital Improvement Plan projects financed through the fees include improvements and rehabilitation to stormwater infrastructure, installation of practices to improve water quality, address localized drainage issues, and control erosion in various areas within our community.  The Public Works Department manages the City’s stormwater program and oversees these projects.

The new fee structure is based on four tiers of rates that consider the square-footage of impervious area on each piece of property. Impervious surfaces include rooftops, driveways, and sidewalks.  Residential homes are typically in Tier 1.  Following is a list of the tiered utility fee structure:


Impervious Area (SF)

Charge per Account starting July 1, 2017


150 - 10,000



10,000.01 - 30,000



30,000.01 - 90,000



90,000 and above



Please contact the Public Works Department at 515-239-5160 with any questions on your utility fee.