Good Housekeeping

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Organizational chart for City’s Fertilizer and Pesticide Control Program

Organizational chart for the City’s Good Housekeeping Pollution Prevention Program

City of Ames street cleaner cleaning Main Street.

 This measure involves the proper management of stormwater runoff generated from municipally owned properties. It primarily consists of training participation and program development by staff from the Public Works and Parks and Recreation Department staff. The programs apply stormwater pollution prevention best management practices that prevent pollution into our streams. For example, you may see the City’s street sweeper pass through your neighborhood. Streets are swept a minimum of twice a year. This helps reduce debris and pollutants in the City storm sewer system and maintains its functionality.



Other programs that City staff participate in include:

  • Annual staff training on pollution prevention plans and spill prevention.
  • Annual inspection of City owned stormwater management facilities
  • Inspection of all catch basins in the City once every three years during which facilities that need to be improved or replaced are identified.
  • Staff training on the use of fertilizer and pesticide control