Public Works Utility Information

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City of Ames Public Works Utility Data Access Policy

Intent: The City of Ames strives to provide the best possible customer service.  The Public Works Department recognizes the benefit to the organization, citizens and customers in providing easy access to frequently requested utility GIS information.  Furthermore the City is obligated to protect its critical infrastructure and data from potential threats and malicious use.  Therefore this policy is designed to enable those who need access to Public Works utility information for legitimate commercial purposes while restricting access to the public at large. 

Qualifications:  Access to utility information will be granted to those who qualify under one or more of the following conditions.

  • Contractor, vendor or firm under contract with the City of Ames.
  • Firm under the direction of a licensed Engineer or Surveyor doing business in the City of Ames.
  • Plumber licensed in the in the State of Iowa.
  • City of Ames registered right-of-way user or subcontractor of such.
  • Land development firms or subcontractors of such.
  • Companies or persons whose access to data has a direct benefit to the City as approved by the City of Ames Director of Public Works.
  • Contractors registered with the City of Ames whose work necessitates Public Works utility information.

Process:  Qualified applicants must agree to the below terms and conditions.. Applicants must provide a valid email address, business mailing address and contact phone number. Password changes will be sent out periodically to the registered email address.  Approved applicants must agree and comply with City of Ames GIS Data User Terms.

Terms & Conditions 

THIS AGREEMENT is a license and is made and entered into by and between the City of Ames, Iowa (hereafter referred to as “City”) and the Authorized User (hereafter referred to as “User”) for the use of this Geographic Information System Product (hereafter referred to as “Product”).    

No Warranty
The City disclaims any warranties, express or implied, respecting this Agreement or Product, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.
The Product is provided “as is” without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness. The burden for determining accuracy, completeness, timeliness, merchantability and fitness for or the appropriateness for use rests solely on the User.
The User acknowledges and accepts the limitations of the Product, including the fact that the Product is dynamic and is in a constant state of maintenance, correction and update. 
The City shall not be responsible for delays or inabilities to service or deliver service for any reason whatsoever.

Permitted Uses by the User
 1. The User may use the Product solely for the purpose of supporting the User in its business activity so far as it has been Authorized by the City to so;

2. The User may make hard copy or digital maps (prints) of the Product solely for the purpose of supporting the User in its business activity so far as it has been Authorized by the City.

Restrictions On Use

1. Unauthorized use. The User shall not sell, loan, rent, assign, distribute or otherwise transfer the Product in any digital form or format, (including, but not limited to, Password sharing).

2. The User acknowledges access is granted to a single user via a username and password and that such access shall not be shared.   

Reserved Rights.

 The City shall retain all rights, title and interest in the Product and subsequent digital data, including the right to license the products covered by this license to other users and to cancel, interrupt or discontinue service to User at any time as is in the best interest of the City or Customers.


The City shall not be liable for any damages resulting directly or indirectly from any activity involving the Product not any consequential damages.


1.  User’s sole and exclusive remedy for defective delivery of the Product shall be to discontinue their use of the
This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions set forth above. 


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