Curb Replacement Policy

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Policy.  Deteriorated curb and gutter sections along the public right-of-way due to improper driveway construction, freeze-thawing, or poor concrete quality shall be eligible for the curb replacement program. This program requires a 50 percent shared cost for the property owner through a special assessment, with the City paying the remaining 50 percent.

Procedure.  After initial contact is made with the Public Works Department, staff will visit the site and determine if the situation qualifies for the curb replacement program. Within two working days the general provision for the program will be discussed with the proper owner.

Annual Curb Replacement Program

  • Upon receipt of a specific location a review will be made to determine if general repairs are scheduled in the near future at this location.
  • The Street and Engineering divisions will assess the benefit of a location participating in the program.
  • The property owner will be advised to seek competitive bids for all work except asphalt patching at the gutter section.
  • A review of the low bid will be made for compliance with City specifications.
  • Upon verification of a qualified bid proposal by the City, the property owner will be notified to proceed with the work.
  • Inspection of the cored area will be done by the Street or Engineering Division before concrete is poured.
  • A final inspection is completed by the Street or Engineering Division.
  • The Street Division will patch any areas disturbed by the construction.

Documentation.  The clerk will generate a payment authorization. Files will be maintained containing all related documentation of the project. Assessment paperwork will be completed for the property owner upon the engineer's approval.

Neighborhood Curb Replacement Program Decision Matrix