Staff Contacts and Address

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Police Dispatch - Non-Emergency
Ames City Hall
515 Clark Ave.
Ames, Iowa  50010
515-239-5133   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax

               Police Administration
Ames City Hall
515 Clark Ave.
Ames, Iowa 50010
515-239-5130  Phone
515-239-5429  Fax
Police Detectives / General Investigation
Ames City Hall
515 Clark Ave.
Ames, Iowa 50010
515-239-5132   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax

Police Records
Ames City Hall
515 Clark Ave.
Ames, Iowa 50010
515-239-5135   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax

Investigations Commander / PIO
Geoff Huff 
515-239-5317   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax


Safe Neighborhoods Team 
Sgt. Derek Grooters 
515-239-5429   Fax

Patrol Commander
Jason Tuttle
515-239-5312   Phone 
515-239-5429   Fax


Community Resource Officer 
Officer Eric Snyder 
515-239-5432   Phone 
515-239-5429   Fax

Support Services Manager
Doug Houghton
515-239-5311   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax


LGBTQ Police Liaison
Sgt. Chris Crippen
515-239-5133   Phone
515-239-5429   Fax

Arkovich, MikeSergeantPolice515-239-5230
Christian, AmberSergeantPolice515-239-5133
Congdon, JoelSergeantPolice515-239-5133
Crippen, ChrisSergeantPolice515-239-5133
Cychosz, CharlesChief of PolicePolice515-239-5130
Duncan, MattDetectivePolice515-239-5424
Grooters, DerekSafe Neighborhoods Team SergeantPolice515-231-4661
Hansen, ElijahSergeantPolice515-239-5133
Hippen, ColeDetectivePolice515-239-5315
Houghton, DougSupport Services ManagerPolice515-239-5311
Huff, GeoffCommanderPolice515-239-5317
Hyer, TammyRecords SupervisorPolice515-239-5422
Johnson, AdiDetectivePolice515-239-5314
Marshall, BlakeSergeantPolice515-239-5133
McClure, SarahEmergency Communications SupervisorPolice515-239-5425
Owens, SuzyDetectivePolice515-239-5123
Ropp, HeathLieutenantPolice515-239-5133
Saxton, JulieMental Health AdvocatePolice515-239-5463
Schmitt, JanSecretaryPolice515-239-5130
Shelton, TomLieutenantPolice515-239-5133