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College Creek/Old Ames Middle School Projects



A summary of the Open House held on January 23, 2020, can be found here.

Display boards from the Open House have been added below with the respective Department.


The area generally known as the College Creek/Old Ames Middle School Neighborhood area will potentially see three City initiatives develop in the neighborhood.  The City Departments of Planning and Housing, Public Works, and Fire will hold a joint open house to answer questions and gain feedback about each project described below.

The Open House will provide an opportunity for citizens to come and go as they please and engage with each Department regarding their respective projects. A short 10-minute presentation will occur at 6:00 pm to allow each department to describe their proposed project. A description of each project is provided and corresponds with the number on the graphic.



Planning & Housing Department (1) -  City Council has discussed the development of the property at 321 State Street at a series of meetings since 2017. The site was acquired with the use of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the purpose of providing affordable housing. The site is intended to be developed with a mix of market-rate and affordable housing. Affordable housing includes households earning 80 percent or less than the Ames Median Income. City Council plans for the development of both single-family and multi-family development on the site. During the open house, staff will provide a progress update on development plans including the potential to develop multi-family units on the site.

Housing staff will also be available to discuss the use of CBDG funds to acquire property in collaboration with the Public Works Department project to install a section of Shared Use Path from Franklin Park to Wilmouth Avenue. Questions can be directed to Vanessa Baker-Latimer, Housing Coordinator. 

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Public Works Department (2) - Public Works will provide an update on the installation of a Shared Use Path from Beedle Drive to Franklin Park. The Shared Use Path was identified as a priority in 2018/2019 Long Range Transportation Plan (Ames Mobility 2040). It was originally planned to connect  Beedle Drive to the  Intermodal Facility located on Hayward Avenue. The extent of the project has been reduced for the first phase due to budget constraints and will now extend only to Franklin Park initially. Future extension of the Shared Use Path may be possible with the 321 State project through the use of CDBG funds and with other funding options if they come available. The intent and scope of the project will be discussed as well as receiving feedback during the Open House. Questions can be directed to Mark Gansen, Traffic Engineer.


The Fire Department (3) -  The Fire Department is exploring the idea of relocation Fire State #2 (currently at 134 Welch Avenue).  The area being considered provides good access to the network to dispatch trucks efficiently. In consultation with ISU, staff has identified the State Avenue corridor between Arbor and Mortenson as a possibility for siting a new station. The relocation of Fire Station # 2 is being considered based on safety concerns, as it has the highest number of calls and is located in Campustown, in the middle of a high pedestrian activity zone and automobile traffic zone. A new location for the station will help facilitate a vision for  Campustown as discussed during a special meeting of the Ames City Council in July of 2018. The maneuvering of trucks in and out of the station is difficult as there is only one way in and out for fire apparatus. Relocation to this area would have little to no impact on current response times. The new fire station would need to be able to provide the same type of facility, a three-bay station, and house firefighters 24/7.  Questions can be directed to Rich Higgins, Fire Chief.