Sports Iowa Football Passing League

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Parks & Recreation and SportsIowa are teaming up to offer 7v7 Passing League football for adults. Come enjoy a 7v7 Passing Football League where a simple rule change makes all the difference. The game is played without helmets or pads and has other modifications.
• No rushing the QB. The QB is down after 4 seconds if a pass has not been thrown.
• No blocking at any time; all players are eligible to receive a pass.
• The ball carrier is down after a one-hand touch

Each game is two 18 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. The schedule is five weeks of league games followed by a single game playoff in week 6.

Important Dates:

Deadline to Register:  August 31

Team Meeting:  Date has been moved to Tuesday, September 4, at 6:00 pm. Meeting will take place at SportsIowa (2176 232nd Lane)

Roster and Fees:   Due by August 31

Fees: $575 per team (plus an additional $15.00 fee for each non-resident.)

Games:  Played Tuesday evenings from 6-9 PM starting September 11. 

The Ames Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council established a $15.00 non-resident fee for all adult athletic league participants residing outside the Ames City limits since non-residents do not pay City property taxes; yet utilize City facilities and programs. This $15.00 fee shall be paid for each sand volleyball season (summer and/or fall) that a non-resident player participates in, when league fees are submitted. 

Roster Form

Rules are on the SportsIowa website at use a modified version of the standard 7v7 High School Passing League rules.