Love of Life

Georgie at the window 2

Even knowing he had a long road of recovery ahead of him, Georgie’s tenacity for life never waned.

Georgie created a short video during a couple of rainy days back home entitled “The Little Things Add Up” in which he said:

“I’ve been living back in Ames for the past eight months [recovering] from a serious injury I had skating back in San Diego. For the first six months, I couldn’t speak English anymore, wound up temporarily losing my short-term memory, and had to reconfigure logical reasoning. During the past ten months since my injury, I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s help, fantastic support, and kind reasoning. It was a struggle to relearn many things or properly coordinate a flexible schedule.

Nonetheless, if I was going to be anywhere comfortable during this process, Ames would do the trick. It recognizes the basic things around town which my roommates and I enjoyed during the last couple years I’d lived here. Pieces of film from this edit tend to feel somewhat generic on a day-to-day basis, but for many of us these items have a special story to share from the past. In general, if you enjoy the ordinary and simple times throughout the day, you’ll be surprised at the load of reflections you can make from them down the road.” 

 And so, it turns out, Georgie was wise beyond his years.

“Georgie did his best to inspire everyone he knew to be their best. He was a contagious spirit, and nothing captures his spirit better than to see him soaring on his skateboard as his testimony of loving life and living it with love. In honoring Georgie’s spirit, you honor the best in the human spirit. A life may be cut short, but it can still be admirably lived in loving rapture.”

– John Forssman, Ames High School English Teacher