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Weddings in the Park

We want you to have a wonderful wedding! So, to help you plan your special day, we have listed some of the most often asked questions and responses. If you have additional questions or special needs please contact us at anytime.

Can I have my wedding in a park?

Can I reserve the entire park?
No, you cannot reserve an entire park or open/green space
Your ceremony cannot block a path or bridge
You can reserve a shelter in the park.

How many shelters do you have and where are they located?
Shelters are available for rental at the following parks
Brookside, 1325 6th Street (central Ames)
Daley, 340 Wilder Boulevard (far west Ames)
River Valley, 725 East 13th Street (east Ames)
Inis Grove, 24th and Duff Avenue (northcentral Ames)
Moore Memorial, 3050 Northridge Parkway (northwest Ames)
Emma McCarthy, 3400 Ross Road (west Ames)

Can I view these shelters on-line?
Yes. Please visit

How much does it cost to rent a shelter?
$16 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Please reserve the entire time you feel you will need for set-up and clean-up.

How do I reserve a shelter?
Please call our office at 515-239-5350.

Do I need a permit to have my wedding in the park?
No permit is necessary.

What hours are the parks open?

Daily from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM

How many guests can be accommodated in a shelter?
Shelters vary in size (please visit our website to view each shelter size)

Can we erect tents or canopies adjacent a shelter or in the park?

No tents or canopies are allowed.

What about parking and handicap accessibility to each shelter?
All shelter and adjacent restrooms are ADA compliant

The number of guests and available parking should determine which shelter you reserve. Vehicle parking is restricted to designated hard surfaced lots only. Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed or towed.

Can alcohol be served at the wedding?
Yes, beer and wine are allowed at the following parks. Keg beer and hard liquor is prohibited within the Ames park system.
River Valley
Inis Grove
Moore Memorial
Emma McCarthy

Can I have food catered for my wedding?

Can I decorate the shelter?
Yes you are welcome to decorate! Please keep in mind the following guidelines:
Please do not put nails or staples in tables, shelters or trees
To avoid the risk of damaging underground utilities, never install stakes in the ground.
When decorating please keep the environment in mind
Please remove all decorations at the conclusion of your event
Please leave your area clean, collect the trash and place in the provided containers.
Remember to reserve the shelter for the entire time you need for set-up and clean up.

Can we move the picnic tables onto the grass and set up our own chairs under the shelter?
Yes, if tables are moved from the shelter please return them to their original location at the conclusion of your wedding.

Is music allowed to be played?
Non-amplified / acoustical music is allowed

Are restrooms available?
Yes, restrooms are not heated; therefore they are closed from October 15 to April 15

Additional Questions?
Please contact Joshua Thompson, Park Superintendent at 515-239-5364 or e-mail