Shelter, Diamond and Court Reservations

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Call 239-5350 unless noted below.

Park Facility Reservations
Shelters are available in Brookside, River Valley, Inis Grove, Moore Memorial, Emma McCarthy Lee and Daley Parks. Fee: $17.00/Hr with a two hour minimum. Shelters may be reserved for use on any dates from approximately April 15 to October 15th. Shelter reservations may be made any time of the year

View Park Shelter Availability/Online Reservations

Softball Diamonds in River Valley Park and O'Neil Park may be reserved. Reservations for diamonds will be accepted after April 12. Unlighted diamonds are $10.00/hour and lighted diamonds are $15.00/hour. This fee does not include bases.

Full maintenance, including lines and bases is available for $25/diamond/time in addition to the hourly fee.  

Please call 239-5357 for tournament and full maintenance reservations.

Tennis Courts are available for $7.00/hour or 4 courts $100/site. 

Volleyball Courts w/o lights $10/hr/court or $30/court for two courts w/lights (2 courts required for reservation). All Day Fee $100/court. Sand Grooming $45/time/court.