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Individual, team or group insurance is not provided by the City of Ames for participants in Parks & Recreation Department programs.

Americans with Disabilities Act
If you require special assistance to participate in programs or to use facilities, please call 515-239-5350.

Cancellations/Inclement Weather
Please call 515-239-5434 for cancellations or changes.  Weather related cancellations will be posted at least one hour before a program starts.  However, weather conditions may change and decisions may be made at the program site.  If sudden threatening weather conditions occur, please pick up your children immediately.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are now available and can be used for admission or concessions at our facilities or for any of our programs. Please stop in and let us make your special occasion shopping easy!  Gift cards can be purchased the Community Center, Ames ISU Ice Arena, Homewood Golf Course and Furman Aquatic Center and reloaded by calling 515-239-5350.

Non-Resident Fee/"Fair Share Policy"
The Ames resident makes a significant contribution to the financing and operation of the Parks & Recreation Department through property taxes.  This tax is paid whether or not individuals participate in Department programs or use City parks and recreation facilities.  The fair share concept is intended to apportion to non-City residents an additional fee so that they contribute to the overall financing of the Parks and Recreation Department on a equitable basis with the resident.  A  resident is defined as residing within the City Limits of Ames or as owning a business or property within the City Limits.  Up to $15 will be added to the resident fee for non-resident participation in programs which receive tax subsidization.  This is not applicable to program fees at Homewood Golf Course or the Ames/ISU Ice Arena, nor to shelter reservations.

Photo/Video Release
Please note photos and videos may be taken during program activities which may be used for future department promotional materials.

Refund Policy
Participants cancelling enrollment in activities at least 72 hours prior to a session/class beginning will receive a credit.  Household Credits will also be automatically issued to participants in classes cancelled by Parks and Recreation Staff.  Staff will try to reschedule cancelled daily activities, but refunds/credits will not be given if a make up date is not possible.  Credit may be given due to medical, unforeseen circumstances, or class dissatisfaction on a case-by-case basis.  To be refunded the amount of credit issued you may call 515-239-5350.

Registration Opportunities 
By Mail
- a registration form may be mailed to us at Ames Parks and Recreation, 515-Clark Avenue, Ames, IA  50010
By Fax - a registration form may be faxed to us at 515-239-5355
Drop Off - a registration form may be placed in the drop box on the east side of City Hall off of Clark Avenue.
Walk-In - you may walk in to register at the Community Center Gym office, southwest corner of City Hall off of 5th Street.
Online - you may register at any time online with your Household ID. 
Please see Program Guide page to view or request a brochure, download registration forms or request a Household ID.

Registration Deadlines
Classes may be canceled, combined or modified based on registrations received by the suggested registration date.  Class fees will not be prorated due to late registration.

Scholarship Program
The Ames Parks and Recreation Department offers scholarship for recreation programs based on the following criteria. Each Youth receives scholarship assistance up to $60 each calendar year. Each Youth pays 50% of the program registration fee while the remaining 50% (not to exceed $60 per calendar year) of the program registration fee is forgiven through the scholarship. A new form must be completed by MICA staff each calendar year and turned in to the Community Center with registration and payment

  1. Recipient must be a resident of the City of Ames.  A resident is defined as residing within the city limits of Ames or a non-resident who owns a business or property within those limits and pays property taxes to the City of Ames.
  2. Elementary school age youth (up to age 13) are eligible. 
  3. Family income must coincide guidelines as predetermined by MICA.
  4. Each elementary school aged youth receives up to $60 dollars in assistance each calendar year.  Each youth pays 50% of the program registration fee while the remaining 50% of the registration fee is forgiven through the scholarship.
  5. To register, the head of household must submit their portion of the activity registration fee and the "Certification Form" issued by MICA. 

Basketball, Dance, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swim Lessons (group), T-Ball, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis, Youth Summer Camp and Volleyball all qualify for scholarship registration.             

Scholarships are also available for season swimming passes based on the following criteria. 

  1. Recipients must be a resident of the City of Ames as defined in criteria #1 above.
  2. Family Income must coincide with guidelines as predetermined by MICA.
  3. Family pass members must reside in the same household.
  4. To purchase a season pass, head of household must submit 50% of the season pass fee and the "Certification Form" issued by MICA.

Please contact MICA at 515-956-3333 for more information on certification guidelines.

Wait List
Be sure to list a first and second choice on registration forms that are mailed, faxed or dropped off.  If you first choice is full, we will automatically place you in your second choice.  If your second choice is full or if no second choice is listed, we will place you on the waiting list for your first choice.  If an opening occurs once you are on the waitlist, we will contact you by phone and email a receipt automatically enrolling you into the class with your payment of the registration fees.  If an opening does not occur, any fees paid will be placed as a credit on your account after the class has begun.