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Parks and Recreation offers two seasons of adult softball—summer and fall. Summer season teams will be able to register starting at the end of February. Registrations are due towards the end of March. Fall season teams will be able to register beginning at the end of July. Registrations for the fall season will be due by mid August.


Welcome to the 2019 City of Ames Parks and Recreation Adult Softball Program! Below you will find registration information for the upcoming season. We appreciate your interest and participation in this program. If you have questions regarding this information, please call Jacob Perkins at 515-239-5367. Please read all the league information below before you register!

12" Men's Leagues Available
B(M);  C1 (M);  C2 (TH);  C3 (TU);  C4 (W)
Approximate Dates:   April 22 - August 1  (Preseason Games April 15-18)
Approximate number of games:  20-30

Co-Ed Leagues Available C1 (F);  C2 (F);  C1/C2 (SU);  C3 (SU);  C4 (SU) Approximate Dates: April 26 - July 28) Approximate number of games: 10-15

NOTES:Games scheduled 6:00-10:00 PM (M-F) and 1:00-10:00 PM (Sun) at North/South River Valley Parks.

  1. Past performance in leagues will be taken into consideration when final league assignments are made.
  2. Home run limits for leagues are as follows: Men’s B (6); Men’s C1 (4); Men's C2,3,4, (3); Co-Ed (3).
  3. Based on team numbers and the quality of teams/leagues, we reserve the right to adjust or split leagues.


  1. All players must be 17 years-of-age.
  2. Players may play on more than one men's or women's team if in accordance with the following rules:
    a) A player may play on only one team in his/her league.
    b) A player's second team must be in the same level (B or C). Exception: Men’s C teams may have up to 2 Men’s B players on the roster.
    c) A man playing on a Men’s C League team may play at any Co-Ed level.
    d) A man playing on a Men’s B League team must play Co-Ed C1.
  3. Priority in placement will be given to "resident" teams (50% of its members living in the City of Ames).


League fees include field maintenance, one umpire, game balls, league and tournament awards, and administration. The Men's league season will begin with each team playing one pre-season game, April 15-18. Total league fees and the number of games each division plays will be determined at the manager meeting. USA softball registration ($30/team) and non-resident fees ($15/non-resident player) are to be paid in addition to league fees. Also a $35 tournament fee will be added for each league deciding to have an end of season tournament. The following fees (includes sales tax) show the breakdown of per game costs for Men's Leagues.

 # Of Games



 10-15          $31.50  15 games = $472.00
 16-18          $31.00  18 games = $558.00
 19-21  $30.50  21 games = $640.00
 22+      $30.00  24 games = $720.00


Estimated cost per player for a 21 game season (15 players on team) including USA Softball Fees

 Resident = $2.13 per game  Non Resident = $2.84 per game  



League fees include minimal field maintenance (dragged w/no base lines), one umpire, and game balls. This league does not offer pre-season games. Total league fees ($29.50/game) and the number of games each division plays will be determined at the manager meeting. USA Softball registration ($30/team) and a non-resident fee ($15/non-resident player) are to be paid in addition to the league fees. Also a $35 tournament fee will be added for each league deciding to have an end of season tournament. To better aid teams in determining which Co-Ed C League is best suited for their team, the following information is listed.

C1 League – This is for the competitive C-level teams that still want to have fun. If you are a C-level team and have any B-level men’s players on your team, you must play in this league.

C2 League – This league will have a mix of semi competitive and recreational teams.

C3 & C4 League – These are for the truly recreational teams. Fun is the emphasis. These leagues may be combined into one division based on the number of teams registered.


The Ames Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council established a $15.00 non-resident fee for all adult athletic league participants residing outside the Ames City limits since non-residents do not pay City property taxes; yet utilize City facilities and programs. This $15.00 fee shall be paid for each softball season (summer and/or fall) that a non-resident player participates in, when league fees are submitted.


Teams will be invoiced the final league fee after the manager’s meeting on March 27. All final league fees are due May 3 at 4:00 pm. Teams will not be included on the schedule, if this deadline is not met.



League Registration Deadline (Registration form & roster due) March 22, 4:00 PM
Men’s & Co-Ed Managers Meeting* March 27, 6:00 PM
League Fees, USA Softball Fees & Non-resident Fees Due May 3, 4:00 PM
Pre-Season Games (Men’s Leagues) April 15-April 18
Regular Season Games Begin Week of April 22 
Independence Day – NO GAMES July 4
Iowa Games (Adult)—LIMITED GAMES July 19-21

*Manager meeting will be held in the Ames Community Center, 515 Clark Ave



2019 Rules Manual

Adult Sports Policies and Procedures Manual

League Roster Form

Sportsmanship Guidelines




Tournament Brackets:



All bats used will get a City of Ames 2018 Sticker on the first night of play. Any bat used must be on the APPROVED list and NOT on the NON-APPROVED list. To check the lists, click on the link below:

ASA Certified Equipment Information Homepage

Thank you for your interest in our summer softball league. If you have any questions please call Jacob Perkins at 515-239-5367 or email