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Welcome to the 2020 City of Ames Parks and Recreation Adult Co-ed Soccer League! Below you will find registration information for the upcoming season. We appreciate your interest and participation in this league. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact Ben Flaherty at



League Format: Coed 8 vs. 8 Adult League

Each gender shall be represented on the playing field (at least 2 females must be on the field at all times)

Participants shall be 17+ years of age 
Roster maximum of 16 participants 

Season Starts: Wednesday, May 27

Game length: 22 minute quarters. 5 minute breaks between quarters. 5 minute breaks between halves. 

Divisions: Teams should sign up based on their desired level of play. Division 1 Competitive  Division 2 Recreational

Regular season standings will be kept to determine league champion 

Teams will play up to 10 games throughout the season

Two referees will be provided at all games 

Uniform: Teams must provide their own jerseys for the season. Jerseys must be matching in color and have a printed number on the back. Any team not in compliance by the first game will forfeit their games until this requirement is met.

Schedule and Location: 
Games will be held at 2:30, 4:30 and 6:30 on Sunday evenings 
Additional games are played at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings 
Location: N River Valley Park, 725 E 13th St.

A Manager's Meeting will be held on Monday, May 20 at 6:00 PM at the Parks and Recreation Administration Office (1500 Gateway Hills Park Drive). 

2020 Registration

Team registration only; individual registrations will not be accepted. Individuals may join player pool on website use the player pool registration link below.  

Team Registration

Registration Deadline: Friday, May 8


 Want to play, but don't have a team?

Enter your name in our player pool for a chance at getting on a team! This list is emailed out to managers throughout the season in case they are in need of extra players. If you are needed, managers will contact you directly. Entering your name in the player pool does not guarantee that you will be on a team. 

Player Pool Registration Form

Rules & Exceptions:

Ames Adult Soccer League will be governed by FIFA laws of the game with local rule exceptions listed below. You may review the FIFA laws of the game at the following web site: 

Ames Local Rule Exceptions: 

  • No slide tackling allowed 
  • Indirect free kick awarded to opposing team if no other players within 2 yards of slide tackle 
  • 1st attempt with a player within 2 yards of offense will result in a yellow card 
  • 2nd attempt with a player within 2 yards of offense will result in a red card
  • ** Flagrant behavior will result in a red card**
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Any player on a team’s roster may substitute in/out of game during stoppage of play and at the official’s signal. 
  • Any team not able to field six players 10 minutes into the start of the game will automatically forfeit. This will result in an automatic 1-0 win for the non-forfeiting team. Teams may continue play in a scrimmage match. 
  • No metal cleats are allowed. 
  • Players are required to wear shin guards. 

Profanity, dissent, and any other unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly prohibited. Any violations of this may result in a yellow card warning or red card ejection from the game at the discretion of the center official. Warnings prior to giving a card may also be given at the discretion of the center official. Upon the event of a yellow card, the player receiving such warning must leave the field of play at least until the next stoppage of play at which time the yellow card recipient may return to the playing field if desired. A red card represents an ejection from the game for the recipient with no reentry into the field of play and a suspension for the next full game scheduled for his or her team. The recipient of the red card may remain on the premises provided he or she adheres to the before mentioned sportsmanship laws of the game. However, the player may not be replaced in the field of play, meaning the recipient’s team must play the remainder of the current game a player short. An accumulation of two yellow cards in two different games throughout the season will result in a one game suspension; if three are accumulated it will result in removal from the league. Two red cards will also result in removal from the league

Liability/Insurance:  The City of Ames Parks and Recreation, its employees or appointed agents assume no responsibility for any personal injury or loss that any team member or spectator may incur as a result of this program. Individuals are encouraged to have their own personal health/accident plan for any such injuries that occur. 

The fee to play in the summer soccer league will be $86/game (number of games will be determined at manager's meeting). An additional $15 will be added for each non-resident on the team. League Fees must be paid in full by Wednesday, May 27.

The Ames Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council established a $15.00 non-resident fee for all adult athletic league participants residing outside the Ames City limits since non-residents do not pay City property taxes; yet utilize City facilities and programs. This $15.00 shall be paid for each league (Men’s, Women’s, and/or Co-Ed) that a non-resident player participates in, when league fees are submitted.

Thank you for registering for the Adult Co-ed Soccer League! Have a great season!!!





Team Roster Form:

Adult Soccer Roster Form