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It is that time of year to start making your plans to be a part of the 2018/2019 Adult Basketball League! We hope that your team will again be represented in one of the league offerings. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Jacob Perkins at 515-239-5367 or Welcome to the league and we hope that you and your teammates have an exciting and fun season ahead!

2018/2019 Basketball Leagues Available:

Type                            Game Days                    Times                      Levels         Location       # Of Games

Men's Officiated             Sundays                     6:00-10:00 PM              A, B, & C          AMS               10-14 
                                          Wednesdays              7:00-10:00 PM 

League will start Sunday, October 28.


Fees will be $37.50/game. Number of games will be determined by managers at the managers meeting. After the meeting, managers will get notification of how much they owe. Fees are to be paid by Thursday, November 1.


  1. Actual league assignments may vary from the above based on number and type of requests.
  2. Past performance in leagues may be taken into consideration when the Parks and Recreation Department makes final league assignments. We cannot guarantee all requests.


  • All players must be 17 years of age and no player competing for a high school, junior college, college or university team will be eligible to participate in the Parks and Recreation Adult Sports Leagues in the same division of play, while in season. 
  • Participants who have played at the collegiate level within the past four years may only play on a team competing at the “A” level of play. 
  • A player may play on only one A, B or C team.
  • Limited space is available and priority in placement will be given to “resident” teams. (A “resident” team is considered one with over 50% of its members living in the City of Ames or Ames Community School District.)


Wednesday, October 10 Registration Deadline. Rosters are due at this time.
Wednesday, October 10 Manager’s Meeting, 6:00 PM, Parks and Recreation Administrative Office, 1500 Gateway Hills Park Drive
Sunday, October 28 League Season Begins
Thursday, November 1 Final league fees due
Late February/Early March Post-Season Tourney

*Each team must have a representative at this meeting as all decisions regarding your league, the number of games to be played, and exact league fees will be determined! 

Rosters are due by the manager's meeting on October 10. These can be emailed to or brought in or mailed to the Community Center at 515 Clark Avenue.


Adult Sports League Roster


Different levels are offered to afford players of differing abilities and competitive interests an opportunity of equal playing conditions. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine which level would best fit a team's interests. The following is an attempt to categorize levels based on staff's perception of league play over the past several years. If you have a new team or have questions after reading this information, please contact Jacob Perkins at 515-239-5367.

Men's A
Highly Competitive. Players have good skills and have played the sport for numerous years as an adult or perhaps competitively at the high school and/or college level. Teams have played together in the past and have organized offensive and defensive sets.

Men's B
Competitive. Players have played in high school competitively or in adult sport leagues in prior years. Generally, participants are between the ages of 17 to 30+.

Men's C
Semi-Competitive. Players may have played in high school or in adult sport leagues in prior years. Generally, participants are between the ages of 25 to 45+. In addition, this league has also served players that have not played basketball for several years but enjoy the sport recreationally or through pick-up games and want to get active in an organized league. This league stresses fun, camaraderie, and fitness with less emphasis on winning. 

Many of you have been taking advantage of the Community Center by playing pick-up basketball with your friends. We hope that more of you will use the Community Center as our fall and winter weather arrives. Hours vary dependent upon Parks and Recreation scheduled programs; however, general hours at the Community Center are posted and available for distribution.

Tournament Bracket

A League(revised 3.11)

B League(revised 3.11)

C League Division 1(revised 3.11)

C League Division 2 (revised 3.11)



A League (revised 2.26)

B League (revised 2.26)

C League Division 1 (revised1.24)

C League Division 2 (revised 2.26)



Men's Basketball League Rules


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Adult Sports Policies and Procedures
Sportsmanship Rating Guidelines