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Your Future in Video Production

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Looking for a future in video production? The City of Ames is seeking students for an Electronic Media Studies internship. The intern would work for the City of Ames Cable TV division (Channel 12 & Channel 16). Our interns have the opportunity to improve shooting, editing, writing, anchoring, lighting skills as well as broadcast live meetings, produce original content and public service announcements for Channel 12. This is a great opportunity to get hands on internship experience!


"Ames Channel 12 is the place to start your broadcast career. I came into my internship with a journalism and a political science background. I used both in my time with the city. Filming, interviewing, writing, live and on-site broadcasting, on- and off-camera work … I could use every project or production I worked on for my professional reel or my résumé.  The Channel 12 experience is that thorough. The label “internship” can’t describe the caliber of work expected of channel interns. In my two years with the City of Ames, I had the chances to do during my college career what I would do in a nine-to-five job after graduation. I worked with supervisors who challenged my abilities. And going into job interviews and new careers with solid work experience? I am glad I made the smart choice to intern at Ames Channel 12."

Kate Tindall - Multimedia Journalist, WGEM

Jane Morrison"Two years before graduation I was a journalism student interested in public relations with absolutely zero video experience. Then somehow I graduated with two years of video production under my belt and way more opportunities before me. I was able to learn all I needed to know, and more, from one internship because Channel 12 provides interns with the opportunity to learn every aspect of video production. The beauty about working for a small office in city government is that the experiences are literally endless. I learned how to produce, shoot and edit video and how to live-broadcast meetings. I also learned about work ethic and communication and had the chance to explore my own creative mind and figure out where I really thrived. Channel 12 offers more than an internship, it offers real work experience that helped prepare me for the real world. Without Channel 12, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today." 

Jane Morrison - Internet Director, WGEM


“Without a doubt, the experiences I gained through my time at Channel 12 were more beneficial than any Channel 12 Originalscourse assignment or project I completed while in college. Channel 12 provided me with a great deal of hands on practice within the field of broadcast media and allowed me to work around my class schedule. Derek was an incredible mentor and made certain I was continually learning, better preparing me for my career. In addition, as a journalism student at Iowa State University, I was able to gain course credit through the internship that was applied to my degree. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in broadcast and enjoys being on the go! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.”
Jesa Wolthuizen, Information Specialist, Iowa College Student Aid Commission


"Alex SwaroffFor two years and a couple months I worked day after day, some early hours some late hours, and up until this very minute, I loved every second. I truly enjoyed all the time I invested in this internship, because Derek invests his time in you, the intern. This isn’t just a “sit back and watch” kind of internship. Derek relies on you to help him shoot some of the great content on Channel 12, and you get some fantastic experience while doing so. He’s taught me a lot and I feel extremely privileged to have been chosen for this internship. Experience is the key to unlocking your desired career path, and this internship will surely help you open the door."

                                                                                      Alex Swaroff - Media Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety


Channel 12 "Getting the chance to work at Channel 12 allowed me to expand my knowledge as a broadcaster and gain valuable experience.  Derek Crisler allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be and gave me the freedom to create my own shows This internship gave me a wide variety of opportunities to increase my skills as a video editor, on-air talent, director, and as an overall professional broadcaster.  The experience I got directing City Council meetings, Ames Municipal Band concerts, and a documentary landed me my first job as a production director for a news station."

Brock Lohr - Production Director, KOLN/KGIN TV


Josh LaVille"I took the Channel 12 internship because I didn't want to be running for coffee or logging video for an internship, I wanted to jump start my career by getting my hands dirty gaining valuable experience. I was able to do a bit of everything at Channel 12, from operating a camera while recording This Week in Ames, to scheduling the station via WinLGX. I wrote, directed, produced, and edited my own shows, designed motion graphic commercials, learned about professional lighting and audio, and even how to run a live three-camera broadcast. The station manager Derek Crisler holds a great wealth of knowledge and is eager to share. This internship has helped me develop the skills and confidence I needed to call myself a professional."

-Josh LaVille - Freelance Multi-Media Producer


Channel 12 at Bandshell Park"I interned at Channel 12 for a year and a half, both during college and after graduation. Working for the station was one of the most rewarding things I've gotten to experience.  Whether it was going to the Resource Recovery Plant for a commercial, the Animal Shelter to film a show, the Bandshell Park to record a concert, or right in City Hall for a City Council meeting, all of these opportunities provided me with the knowledge and experience to succeed in my professional career."

               Danielle Russell - Media Services Specialist, College of Saint Elizabeth Morristown, New Jersey

If you would like additional information about the internship or would like to apply, email Derek Crisler at or call the Channel 12 office at 515-239-5214.


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