What is a Typical Firefighter's Day?

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How Do Firefighters Spend Their Time?

What does a typical day at the fire station look like?  Well, Ames firefighters work a 24-hour shift with an average week consisting of 56 hours.  During a 24-hour shift, firefighters respond to emergencies, maintain the fire station and equipment, and present fire safety training and public education to the citizens of Ames. 



Firefighters also spend time performing:

    Equipment inspection and testing

    Station duties – cleaning and maintaining the station

    Participating in scheduled events and public education

    Physical fitness training

    Cooking meals for the crew

Typically the afternoon is reserved for crew level training, such as the following:


Emergency medical service

Automobile extrication

Water and ice rescue

Hazardous materials

Trench rescue

Confined space

Customer service

Officer leadership and management

Emergency vehicle driver training


Hopefully you're still interested in becoming a Firefighter.  If so, click here to find out what steps are needed to become a Firefighter.