Staff Contacts and Address

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Electric Administration
502 Carroll
Ames, Iowa  50010
Phone:      515-239-5170
Fax:          515-239-5308

Electric Distribution
2208 Edison
Ames, Iowa  50010
Phone:      515-239-5500
Fax:          515-239-5507

Electric Engineering
502 Carroll
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone:      515-239-5175
Fax:          515-239-5308

Electric Meter
2208 Edison
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone:       515-239-5510

Electric Production (Power Plant)
200 E. 5th St.
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone:       515-239-5190
Fax:           515-232-7295

Brekke, SuzanneElectric Distribution Records & Materials SpecialistElectric515-239-5502
Brown, MikeElectric Distribution ManagerElectric515-239-5501
Carran, MarkElectric GIS SpecialistElectric515-239-5189
Chapman, RobbElectric Utility EngineerElectric515-239-5172
Cook, LyndonElectrical Engineering ManagerElectric515-239-5174
Dettmann, CollinEnergy Procurement CoordinatorElectric515-239-5196
Hobbs, GregPower Plant Maintenance SuperintendentElectric515-239-5242
Imhoff, Mark Electrical EngineerElectric515-239-5175
Jones, SuePower Plant Principal ClerkElectric515-239-5190
Koester, ErinElectric Administration SecretaryElectric515-239-5170
Kom, DonaldDirector of ElectricElectric515-239-5171
Lain, KayleyEnergy Services CoordinatorElectric515-239-5177
Reed, MattPower Plant EngineerElectric515-239-5173
Robinson, DawneElectric Distribution Principal ClerkElectric515-239-5514
Spence, CurtisPower Plant ManagerElectric515-239-5191
Tiarks, KenTechnical Services SupervisorElectric515-239-5510
Trower, BrianAssistant DirectorElectric515-239-5176
Zierke, CurtElectric Distribution Assistant ManagerElectric515-239-5503