Smart Business Resources

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Skyline from MooreSection 1:  Energy Conservation
Lighting (1.1)
Equipment (1.2)

  • U.S. Department of Energy 
    The U.S. Department of Energy provides a variety of information on its website regarding energy savings and conservation.
  • Building and Plants 
    Learn how to build an energy saving program or your building or office. The Energy Star website contains information for all shapes and sizes of businesses.
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades 
    The Small Business Administration website offers energy efficient advice for smaller businesses. They focus on a variety of ways that small business can save energy and have sustainable business practices.

Section 2:  Water Conservationrain drop with a leaf around it and "Conserve Water" text
Indoor Water (2.1)
Outdoor Water (2.2) 

Section 3:  Transportation
      EPA Fuel Economy (3.1)
      U.S. Department of Energy (3.2)

  • EPA Fuel Economy 
    The EPA provides a variety of policy and planning information to help businesses related to fuel economy, from how to get the most out of your fleet to choosing a new vehicle.
  • U.S. Department of Energy
    The U.S. Department of Energy provides information on reducing petroleum fuel use in transportation.

Section 4:  Indoor Environment

Section 5:  Outdoor Environment

Section 6: Purchasing
      Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (6.1)
      U.S. Green Building Council (6.2)

Section 7: Waste Diversion and Responsible Waste Management

    Electronic Wasterecycling containers
      Iowa Green List

  • Electronic Waste 
    The Iowa DNR provides useful information on this webpage for handling electronic waste.
  • Iowa Green List 
    Iowa Green List is a resource management directory to help Iowans find local contractors that offer recycling, reuse, and disposal services for a variety of materials.
  • Iowa Waste Exchange 
    Iowa Waste Exchange is a materials exchange program to help businesses find outlets for their byproducts and wastes.
  • Waste - Resource Conservation 
    This website shares a variety of options for businesses reduce use of resources to how to recycle electronics.
  • Recycling 
    This website by the Iowa DNR provides information on appliance, batteries, autos, bottles, electronics, compositing, tires, and more for recycling.
  • Solid Waste Alternatives Program The Iowa DNR offers financial assistance to businesses to start solid waste management programs.

Section 8: Carbon Footprint grassy footprint

Section 9 – Customer Relations

Section 10 – Community Relations

  • Volunteer Center of Story County
    This website offers opportunities to volunteer and to engage volunteers, specifically in Story County. 
  • Volunteer Iowa
    This website offers opportunities to volunteer and engage volunteers throughout Iowa.

Other Resources

  • The Petal Project in Dubuque, Iowa 
    The Petal project is a green business certification program. The website provides a variety of resources to help business go green!
    A guide to local resources to help protect the environment and a variety of ideas for helping your company to go green.