2020 Eco Scavenger Hunt

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, the City of Ames is hosting a virtual Scavenger Hunt containing information regarding sustainability in Ames! The scavenger hunt contains 15 challenges, most of which can be done from the safety of your home. For the few challenges that require you to get outside, please practice safe social distancing measures.  

Our Eco Scavenger Hunt allows you to work with up to four people to collaborate on your answers. If you complete 10 challenges, you can pick up a free LED light bulb from the City of Ames Electric Administration Office, 502 Carroll Ave., once the building reopens.

Completing 10 challenges will also make you eligible for one of three grand prizes:

A tour of the Ames Electric Power Plant OR gift cards to local Ames businesses

For the purposes of the Eco Scavenger Hunt, assume life is back to normal when responding to questions about City of Ames facilities or businesses. (Pretend COVID-19 is long gone, and everything is operating as it once did!)

The scavenger hunt will be available from 8 am on Saturday, April 18, through noon on Saturday, April 25. We encourage all community members to celebrate Earth Day in this unique way! 

The 2020 Scavenger Hunt is now closed. Be sure to participate next year!