Electric Vehicles

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The City of Ames purchased two electric vehicles in 2018 (one of them pictured above) to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions
associated with city operations. There are two public chargers that serve these vehicles and any other electric vehicle
  in the area that needs to charge. They are located behind City Hall and near Bandshell Park (locations shown  in map below).

 Charger map



Electric Vehicles are...

... Affordable.

 EV Cost of Ownership

Image Source: Kelley Blue Book, accessed on 1/14/2020. Click here to compare vehicles of your choice.

The purchase price of electric vehicles (EVs) has declined significantly, they require very little maintenance, and they are more affordable to charge than filling up the ol' gas tank. In Ames, as of January 2020, you can charge your EV at home for a price equivalent to about $0.90 per gallon!

You can also receive federal tax credits up to $7,500 for many EVs. These rebates are available for only a limited number of vehicles per manufacturer. Click here to find the rebates available for a specific EV.

For a limited time, Nissan and the American Public Power Association are offering rebates up to $3,500 on select models of the LEAF electric vehicle. Customers of Ames Municipal Electric Services (AMES) can access this rebate because AMES is a member of the American Public Power Association, who is partnering with Leaf to offer this rebate through March 31, 2020. Click here for more information about eligibility and claiming the rebate.

... Efficient.

Gasoline-powered vehicles are only able to convert about 17%–21% of the energy in the gas tank to power at the wheels. EVs, which are more efficient, use more than 77% of the electricity they get from the grid to get you where you need to go.

... Clean.

EVs have no direct emissions, which improves the air quality in our communities. When you calculate the emissions from the generation of the electricity that powers an EV, it is still responsible for less than half the emissions of a similar gasoline vehicle. EVs are responsible for more emissions per vehicles in manufacturing, but the overall cradle-to-grave emissions of EVs are still less than half of those emitted by conventional gasoline vehicles. Click here to read more about cradle-to-grave emissions calculations by the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Image Source: US Department of Energy
Click here to for more information and assumptions made in these calculations.

The environmental impact of EVs becomes even lower as we 'green' our electricity generation. The City of Ames is working toward cleaner energy by incorporating 36 MW of wind energy, 2 MW of solar energy (coming soon!), and electricity from refuse that has been diverted from landfill.

Click here to read the full handbook for Electric Vehicles in Ames