House Mover's License

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A House Mover's License must be obtained from the City Clerk's Office by anyone who intends to engage in the business of moving structures within the City of Ames. In this case, the word "structure" specifically refers to any "house, building or other structure eight feet or more in width which is to be moved from one location to another upon, along, across, over, or near any street, avenue, alley, highway, sidewalk, or other public ground of the city."

Movers licensed by the City of Ames are required to submit:

  • Completed application;
  • Corporate surety bond executed to the City of Ames in the amount of $2,500; and
  • Certificates of insurance for Comprehensive General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Worker's Compensation and Employee's Liability as required by the State of Iowa.

A separate moving permit for a specific job is required of anyone moving "any structure upon, across or over any street, avenue, alley, highway, sidewalk or public ground of the city or raising, lowering or moving any structure within twenty (20) feet of any public sidewalk."  Applications for moving permits may be obtained from the Inspections Division at 239-5153.

Additional information about building moving is found in  Chapter 5, Division VIII of the Municipal Code of the City of Ames

Note: Moving permits may be issued to unlicensed persons under certain circumstances, as detailed in Section 5.812.