Nov 12, 2019 Council Meeting

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NOVEMBER 12, 2019

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CALL TO ORDER: 6:00 p.m.

1. Proclamation for “Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, November 11-15, 2019

2. Presentation by Ames International Partner Cities Association (AIPCA) regarding proposed Kosovo relationship

CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time the Council members vote on the motion.
3. Motion approving payment of claims

4. Motion approving Minutes of Regular Meeting held October 22, 2019, and Special Meeting held October 23, 2019

5. Motion approving Report of Contract Change Orders for October 16 - 31, 2019

6. Motion approving new 5-day Class C Liquor License (November 13 - 17, 2019) - Dublin Bay, 123 Airport Road, Pending Satisfactory Background Check

7. Motion approving new 5-day Class C Liquor License (December 7 - 11, 2019) - Gateway Market, ISU Alumni Center

8. Motion approving new 5-day Class C Liquor License (December 13 - 17, 2019) - Gateway Market, ISU Alumni Center

9. Motion approving renewal of the following Beer Permits, Wine Permits, and Liquor Licenses:

a. Class E Liquor License - AJ's Liquor III, 2401 "A" Chamberlain Street
b. Class C Liquor License with Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales - Outlaws, 2522 Chamberlain Street - Pending Dram Shop
c. Class B Native Wine Permit with Sunday Sales - Chocolaterie Stam, 230 Main Street
d. Class B Liquor License with Catering, Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales - Country Inn & Suites Ames, 2605 SE 16th Street - Pending Dram Shop

10. Resolution approving appointment of Leila Ammar to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)

11. Resolution approving renewed 28E Agreement for Tobacco, Alternative Nicotine, and Vapor Product Enforcement between Ames Police Department and Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

12. Resolution setting November 26, 2019, as the date of regarding vacating Public Walkway Easements at 3802 and 3806 Marigold Drive

13. Resolution approving temporary and permanent easements from Iowa State University regarding South Grand Avenue Extension project in the amount of $11,626

14. Resolution approving contract to Gillig Corporation, of Livermore, California, for purchase of three new standard 40' buses for CyRide in a not-to-exceed grant amount of $1,437,600

15. Resolution awarding contract to Brimhall Industrial, Inc., of Monte Vista, Colorado, for Unit 7 (Pump 72) Feedwater Pump Inspection and Repair in the amount of $98,662.83, plus applicable sales taxes (in the amount of $6,906.40) to be paid directly by the City of Ames to the State of Iowa

16. Resolution awarding contract to RED Equipment of Kansas City, Missouri, for purchase of a combination jetting/vacuuming truck for Public Works Water Utility Division in the amount of $272,337 (purchase amount $392,337 - $120,000 trade in value)

17. Resolution approving contract and bond for Brookside Park Restroom Renovations

18. Resolution approving contract and bond for South Grand Avenue - S. 5th to Squaw Creek Drive  and South 5th Street - South Grand Ave to 600' West of South Duff Avenue

19. Resolution approving Change Order No. 2 in the amount of $40,662.90 to RW Excavating Solutions of Prairie City, Iowa, for the North River Valley Low-Head Dam

20. Resolution accepting completion of 2019 Pavement Improvements CyRide Bus Turnarounds  Project

21. Resolution accepting completion of 2017/18 Downtown Street Pavement Improvements Project - Main Street Alleys (Duff to Douglas, Kellogg to Burnett)

22. Resolution approving Final Plat for Iowa State University Research Park, Phase III, Fourth Addition

23. Resolution accepting partial completion of public improvements and lessening security being held for Quarry Estates Subdivision, 1st Addition

This is a time set aside for comments from the public on topics of City business other than those listed on this agenda.  Please understand that the Council will not take any action on your comments at this meeting due to requirements of the Open Meetings Law, but may do so at a future meeting.  The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public; however, at no time is it appropriate to use profane, obscene, or slanderous language.  The Mayor may limit each speaker to three minutes.

24. Resolution awarding contract to PaleBLUEdot, LLC, of Maplewood, Minnesota, for Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Forecasting, and Recommendations Report in the amount of $24,960

25. Hearing on 2018/19 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) in accordance with the Consolidated Plan:

a. Resolution approving 2018/19 CAPER

26. Hearing on vacation of Sanitary Sewer Easement located at 610 and 700 SE 16th Street:

a. Resolution approving vacation of Easement

27. Hearing on Inis Grove Park - Restroom Projects:

a. Resolution approving final plans and specifications and awarding contract to HPC, LLC, of Ames, Iowa, for both the new restroom and renovated restrooms, in the amount of $378,000
b. Resolution re-allocating $72,420 from the Park Development or Local Option Sales Tax Fund

28. Request from Ames Foundation for City to complete three City projects at a minimum cost of $525,000 by September 30, 2021, to satisfy Miracle League Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) Grant match requirement


29. Resolution approving Preliminary Plat for Kingsbury’s Subdivision, Third Addition (315 SE. 3rd Street)

30. First passage of ordinance regulating massage establishments

31. Motion to postpone third passage and adoption of Ordinance rezoning with Master Plan property located at 507 Lincoln Way from Downtown Gateway Commercial (DGC) to Highway-Oriented Commercial (HOC) 

32. ISU Research Park Urban Renewal Area:

a. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4396 correcting boundaries of Tax-Increment Financing District No. 1
b. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4397 creating Tax-Increment Financing District No. 2

33. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4398 amending Chapter 29 to establish definitions, standards, and enforcement procedures for licensing of guest lodging in specified zoning districts

34. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4399 amending Chapter 13 (Rental Code) to establish definitions, standards, and enforcement procedures for licensing of guest lodging in specified zoning districts

35. Municipal Code Chapter 35:

a. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4400 creating Chapter 35 to establish definitions, standards, and enforcement procedures for licensing of guest lodging in specified zoning districts
b. Resolution setting fee at $50 for Guest Lodging licensure

36. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4401 revising the age-limit restriction in the Contract Rezoning Agreement for 415 Stanton




Please note that this Agenda may be changed up to 24 hours before the meeting time as provided by Section 21.4(2), Code of Iowa.