Peter Irniq & Inuit Art

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September 18 - October 1, 2011

In the fall of 2011, internationally recognized artist and cultural teacher, Peter Irniq, shared his passion and expertise with the citizens of Ames through the making of three stone landmarks called inuksuk.

Peter constructed 3 Inuksuit during his visit. One at Brookside, Emma McCarthy Lee Park, Ada Hayden Heritage Park.

An inuksuk (pl. inuksuit) is a stone monument constructed for the purpose of navigation by the Inuit people of northern Canada. Inuksuit designate good hunting or fishing areas, mark trails, and serve as a point of reference for travelers. According to Peter Irniq, "Inuksuit are essential to the survival of the Inuit people."

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Peter was born in 1947 in Lyon Inlet near Repulse Bay, Northwest Territories, Peter Taqtu Irniq is a former Commissioner of Nunavut, an Inuit cultural teacher and an artist. He has lived most of his life in Nunavut, though he has also lived in the Western Arctic (Northwest Territories), Manitoba and Ontario. Peter is an Inuit Canadian and served as the second Commissioner of Nunavut from April of 2000 to April of 2005. Mr. Irniq currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Throughout his professional life, Mr. Irniq has focused on advancing Inuit culture and language. He is a respected spokesperson who has worked nationally and internationally to connect all people to Nunavut, its culture, art and history.

Peter Irniq & Inuksuk (Inuit Art)

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Peter Irniq & Inuksuk (Inuit Art)