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Effective July 1, 2016
          City of Ames Municipal Code Appendix A - Cemetery Rules, Regulations and Fees

Adult     $560 + $140 perpetual care1 = $700/space
Infant    $150 + $50 perpetual care1 = $200/space

Niche    $960 + $240 perpetual care1 = $1,200/niche 

Adult      $700
Infant     $250
Weekend/Holiday - Adult2     $975
Weekend/Holiday - Infant2     $350
For interments that require winter rate, add:  $150

INTERMENT - Cremation
Weekday      $400
Weekend/Holiday2     $475
For interments that require winter rate, add:   $150

Based on actual cost of time and materials. 
Minimum charge is 2 x current charge for interment. 

Installation service charge     $25 each 


1 The perpetual care fund is an irrevocable trust.
   Monies deposited into the perpetual care fund are non-refundable. (Iowa Code 523I.807)

2  City of Ames holidays are:
          New Year's Day
          President's Day
          Memorial Day
          Independence Day
          Labor Day
          Veterans Day
          Two (2) days at Thanksgiving
          Two (2) days at Christmas
          (Res. #04-158, 4-27-04)