Pets in Iowa Weather

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Cold Weather Tips Sleeping Dog

  • The best way to protect your pet from cold weather is by keeping them indoors.
  • Outdoor shelter must provide protection from wind, rain or snow, insulation, and continuous access as needed.
  • Straw and/or dry, thick blankets are good insulators for the outdoor dog house.
  • Regularly check water bowls to break the ice or refill as necessary.
  • Increase the amounts of food for your outdoor pets who may need the extra calories to produce more body heat.
  • Be aware that pets can be attracted by the sweet taste and smell of anti-freeze; however, this liquid is a deadly poison for your animals.
  • Seek for animals in the engine of your car before starting it, as some animals may have crawled up under looking for warmth and shelter.
  • Make sure your pets are wearing an I.D. tag; it is their ticket home.

Husky Dog with Long TongueHot Weather Tips

  • Cool down periods when the temperature is in the 90s or above.
  • Achieved by taking outdoor pets inside and placing them in a kennel.
  • Cool down periods should be a minimum of 8 hours.
  • Provisions of shade, water, and tangle free location
  • Spill-proof water bowls are required.
  • Avoid over-exercising or taking your pet with you in a car or pick-up and leaving your pet in the vehicle in the heat.
  • Dogs can’t sweat so cool air has to pass over their tongue for panting to effectively cool their system.