A Few Common Local Ames Animal Laws

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A sample of a Few Good Neighbor Laws to Continue to Make Ames a Wonderful Place to Live

Oval Picture of Black & White CatIf you are the fortunate owner of a dog, cat, or perhaps several pets, we're glad you are a part of the Ames community. Our animal laws are good for pets, people, and property. Please take a moment to learn about some important City of Ames pet-keeping laws.

FIRST, all pets (including cats) must be kept solely on their owner's property, unless they are being exercised on lead, or engaging in active, controlled obedience training. (Yes, cats can be leash trained!) Dogs, cats, and other animals can also be penned or loose on their own property in compliance with code.

SECOND, nuisance laws are designed to curb unreasonable barking and to promote sanitary pet-keeping. The Scoop Law requires immediate animal waste disposal from any property other than the owner's. 

                Restraint and Scoop Laws apply to City Park users as well.

THIRD, pets must be vaccinated for rabies if they are 3 1/2 months or older. Bites must be reported to the Ames Animal Shelter immediately.

FOURTH, the keeping of exotic animals is regulated.

FIFTH, laws regarding the humane treatment of animals within the city limits are also enforced.

Schedule of Fines: Husky Dog with Long Tongue
Roaming animals taken into protective custody by the Ames Animal Shelter may be reclaimed by the owner within the 7-day reclaim period for a modest fee. Owners found to repeatedly violate leash and restraint or other animal laws may be fined with citations.

Citation costs are:
1st offense at $135.00
2nd and subsequent offenses at $185.00

Additional fines may apply for frequent violators.

Rabies Shots / Tags:
All dogs and cats between three and four months of age must be vaccinated for rabies and kept current as needed throughout their lifespan. A current vaccination tag must be placed on the pet's collar.

Animal Bites:
By law, all animal bites must be reported. The Ames Animal Shelter investigates all bite cases; call 515.239.5530 to report.