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Food Waste Diversion (FWD) Pilot Program Provides Pay-As-You-Compost Option

Post Date:07/18/2019 9:00 AM
Ames Resource Recovery System is piloting a new program that provides an alternative to throwing food waste in the trash. For a $20 fee, FWD Food Waste Diversion program Logo(Food Waste Diversion) provides participants a four-gallon bucket with a lid, five compostable bucket liners, and a five-punch card to be punched when dropping off your food scraps. A basic refill kit with compostable bags and a five-punch card is $10.
“Reducing the amount of food we throw away saves money and supports a healthy environment as well as a sustainable future. A tremendous amount of resources and energy are used to grow, process, package, and transport food," said Bill Schmitt, Resource Recovery Plant Superintendent. “While the focus should first be on reducing waste through not overbuying and looking for donation outlets for excess food, composting offers a beneficial alternative to landfilling.”
The drop sites are at the Resource Recovery Plant, 110 Center Ave., and Green RU, 400 Freel Drive, and operate during normal business hours. FWD starter kits and basic kits are available for purchase at the Ames City Hall Community Center, Resource Recovery Plant, and at various events this summer. This is a 12-month pilot project, and the program could be modified based on participation and demand.
Food waste mixed with carbon materials in the right amounts breaks down within weeks into compost. Compost can be added to soil to create a nutrient-rich additive for gardens and landscaping. Food waste that goes to landfills generates methane, among the most potent of the greenhouse gases. For more information about the Food Waste Diversion Project, go to:
For questions, contact Bill Schmitt at 515.239.5137 or or Merry Rankin at 515-294-5052 or
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