Sustainability Task Force

EcoSmart Logo for SustainabilityPurposeThe Ames Sustainability Task Force was developed by the Mayor and City Council to develop a Sustainability Plan that will help achieve cost-effective energy reductions in the various sectors of our community through the focus on electrical energy consumption and the associated carbon emissions.

 Ames Sustainability Task Force

Staff Support: 
Merry Rankin
, ISU/City of Ames

  Staff Liaison
Donald Kom, Ames Electric Services Director
Steve Schainker, Ames City Manager

 Task Force Members

 Members of the task force are identified with an *, others are subcommittee members or sector consultants

Building Contractors/Developers

Papesh, Adam*
Tulp, Andrew*
Hade, David
Larson, Ken

Malone, Jennifer*
Monte Streit*
Krohn, Daniel*
Sacco, Carla
Easter, Nathan

Strobel, Brian

Civic Organizations
Elston, Tom*
Jordison, Graham


Iowa State University
Government of the Student Body
Matt Santee*

Alison Kraft

  Faith Based
Baker, Mary Jean*
Gaunt, James*
Skowronek, Simone
Sumerford, Doug
Wall, Don

Non City Government
Raffensperger, Carolyn*

Klaas, Erv*
Knorowski, Christopher*
Metzger, Corey*
Kriz, Josh
Libbey, Steve
Mercier, Cletus
Olive, Rachael
Dahlberg, Tyler
Emery, Joyce
Franzen, Hugo
Preast, Vanessa