Non-Domestic Waste Pretreatment Program

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The Ames Water Pollution Control (WPC) Facility is designed to treat typical domestic wastewaters, such as those generated by the average residential household. This wastewater typically contains low concentrations of chemicals and biologically-treatable wastes.

Non-domestic, or industrial, wastewater often contains compounds or concentrations of pollutants that the Ames WPC Facility is not designed to treat. Facilities that generate non-domestic wastewater are sometimes required to pretreat their wastewater before they discharge it to the city sanitary sewer system. Implementation and administration of the pretreatment program is required by federal and state regulations and is enforced through local code and permitting.
The goals of the pretreatment program are to protect the Ames WPC Facility and municipal sanitary sewer system from receiving wastewater components that may 
    • pass through the treatment facility untreated into the receiving stream, the South Skunk River; 
    • inhibit the treatment facility’s processes, many of which are biological; 
    • contaminate the resulting biosolids or wastewater effluent; 
    • reduce the ability of the treatment facility to recycle or reclaim wastewater and biosolids from the treatment system; 
    • cause damage to or blockages in the municipal sanitary sewer system; or 
    • potentially cause harm to workers in the sanitary sewer system.

For a complete description of the Non-Domestic Waste Pretreatment Program, click here.

For more information or questions regarding the program, contact:
Dustin Albrecht
Environmental Specialist

Water and Pollution Control Department
300 E. 5th Street
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