Right-of-Way Management

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The City of Ames Public Works Department carefully manages its rights-of-ways. As of May 23, 2011, the Engineering Division administers Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits through an online application named ROWay, designed by First Scribe. Starting July 1, 2011, the City of Ames will no longer be accepting paper Right-of-Way Permit applications.

This online system is designed to streamline the ROW permit application and approval process and allow users to:

• Apply for a ROW permit
• Check the status of a pending permit
• Receive automated email notifications when a permit is received, approved, and closed out
• Upload drawings and necessary documents to include with an application
• Manage existing permits and view permit history
• Request date extensions
• Notify the City when work is complete
• Print out approved permits from any location upon approval

There is currently no fee associated with this permit.

Before applying for a ROW permit, please follow current Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS) and City of Ames Supplemental Specifications, and consider the following procedures for excavating, backfilling, and street/shared use path repair:

  • Contact Iowa One Call for locates at 1-800-292-8989
  • Develop an appropriate traffic control plan (click here to view traffic control options)
  • Minimum street cut in concrete pavement is one full panel, typically 12'x12'; other surfaces will be reviewed with respect to its relationship to cracks and/or joints in the street (full depth saw cut required for concrete streets and half depth saw cut on other streets)
  • Contractor is responsible for the removal, hauling, and disposal of pavement
  • City contact for street cut inspection is the Street Maintenance Supervisor or his/her designee at 515-239-5550
  • City contact for service line inspection is the City Plumbing Inspector or his/her designee at 515-239-5153
  • Complete backfill with suitable material in accordance with City standards
  • All work including replacement of curb and gutter, street paving, sod, and sidewalks/shared use paths shall be completed within 10 days, unless cold weather prevents permanent pavement replacement.  
  • Temporary surface restoration on residential street cuts may be limestone; cold patch asphalt is required as a minimum on all other streets
  • Contractor is responsible for maintenance of temporary patching until permanent street repair is made
  • If pedestrian ramps or greater than 50% of the crosswalks are impacted as part of the work, pedestrian ramps must be designed and installed according to current ADA standards and SUDAS Design Manual Chapter 12. Once they are constructed, as-builts shall be submitted to the City to verify compliance (click here to view City of Ames Pedestrain Ramp As-Built templates).  Click here to view Truncated Domes Installation Information.

Failure to comply with the above may result in a Municipal Infraction with an associated fine of $500.00 or more for each violation.

Click here to view the City's Right-of-Way Ordinance

To view the current year's list of Registered ROW Users, please click here.

Click here to register with the City to do work within the right-of-way and submit a permit. 

Please contact Ben McConville, GIS Coordinator, with any questions.