Glass Recycling

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Glass Recycling

                                                                    Crushed Glass Sign

Glass has no place in our system, that's why we ask you to keep it out of the garbage.  If we receive glass into the plant within the garbage, it's abrasive to our machines, and if it gets over to the power plant, it creates slag in the boilers -- leading to costly removal!

Look for these bins at area grocery stores:

 Glass Recycling Bin


  • Both Ames Fareways
  • Both Ames Hy-Vees at or near the Gas Stations
  • Fareway in Nevada
  • Wheatsfield Cooperative
  • Harlan's Food Mart in Story City
  • Prairie Moon Winery
  • Slater at Highway 210 & Tama St. by can corral
  • Maxwell at BJ's behind Casey's 
  • North side of the Resource Recovery Plant

Place your container glass into the openings on the top of the bin; it will be picked up and taken to the Resource Recovery Plant to be recycled into new jars/bottles or fiberglass insulation at Ripple Glass in Kansas City, Missouri.

            Slag Boiler Walls

Slag on boiler walls