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Requesting Plans and Specifications.  One set of bidding documents for each project listed below is available without charge to prospective bidders, subcontractor bidders, suppliers, and contractor plan room services. A  fee will apply to additional sets and to bidding documents requested by parties other than those listed above.  The fee will be based on plan printing costs with a minimum of $20.00.

Plan Holder Certification Form.  Before plans and specifications can be distributed, the Plan Holder Certification Form (one per project) must be completed and received by the Public Works Department. Plan Holder Certification forms may be sent by fax (515-239-5404) or delivered in person to our office at City Hall, 515 Clark Avenue, Room 212. Once this form is received, plans and specifications may be picked up from our office or mailed via standard USPS to the address indicated on the Plan Holder Certification form. If you prefer an alternate mailing provider, e.g., FedEx or UPS, or expedited receipt of these documents, please provide your account number for the provider and the alternative mailing charges will be at your expense.

Bid Results.  Check the Bid Tab links below for bid results posted to this page by 5:00 PM the day of the bid letting.

Archive of Previous Projects

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  • NEW!!! 2017/18 Shared Use Path System Expansion, Mortensen Road

  • 2016-2017 Storm Water Erosion Control Program (S. Skunk River-Carr Park to Homewood Golf Course) Contract A & B

  • 2017/18 CDBG Public Infrastructure Improvements Program (321 State Avenue)

  • 2015/16 and 2016/17 Bridge Rehabilitation Program East Lincoln Way over the Skunk River and Dayton Avenue over the UPRR

  • 2017/18 Traffic Signal Program

  • 2016/17 Right of Way Restoration

  • 2016/17 Downtown Street Pavement Improvements

  • 2016/17 Cemetery Lane Improvements

  • 2015/16 West Lincoln Way Intersection Improvements (Franklin Avenue)

  • 2017/18 Pavement Restoration Program, Contract 2 Slurry Seal Program

  • 2017 Subwatersheds 5 & 6 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

  • 2015/16 Low Point Drainage Improvements (Westwood)

  • 2017/18 Pavement Restoration Program - Contract 1 Concrete Joint Repair

  • 2015/16 & 2016/17 Seal Coat Street Pavement Improvements

  • Ames Municipal Cemetery Water Service Line Replacement

  • 2016/17 Asphalt St Improv & 2016-17 Water Program 2 (Northwood, Trail Ridge, Idaho)

  • 2014-15 Low Point Drainage Improvements: Northwood Ravine Stabilization

  • Replace Tipping Floor Concrete at C-1 Area

  • 2016-17 Water System Improvements Program #1 - Water Service Transfer (8th Street, Hayward Avenue, Little Street)

  • 2016-17 CDBG Public Facilities Improvement Program (Mainstream Living Parking Lot)

  • *Re-Bid* South Skunk River Basin Watershed Improvements (City Hall Parking Lot)

  • 2016-17 US Highway 69 Improvements (S. Duff Safety and Access Project)

  • 2007-08 Shared Use Path Expansion (Oakwood Road)

  • 2015-16 Airport Improvements Program (Terminal Building)

  • Squaw Creek Water Main Protection Project

  • 2016 Flood Prone Manhole Rehabilitation (Various Locations)

  • 2015-16 Downtown Street Pavement Improvements (Clark Avenue)