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List of Upcoming Vacancies for Boards/Commissions

The following boards/commission have vacancies occurring the first part of 2017.  The number following the name of the board/commission indicates the number of pending vacancies.  The number in parentheses denotes those incumbents who may be reappointed.

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Meeting Days/Times
ASSET Second Thursday/5:00 pm
Building Board of Appeals
As needed
2 (1)
 Civil Service Commission
Fourth Thursday/8:15 am
1 (1)
Commission on the Arts (COTA)
First Monday/5:00 pm
2 (2)
Electric Utility Operations Review & Advisory Board (EUORAB)
As needed
2 (1)
Historic Preservation Commission
Second Monday/7:00 pm
2 (1)
Human Relations Commission
Fourth Thursday/5:30 pm
2 (2)

Human Relations Commission: Hearing Officers

(must be educated in law)

As needed

Human Relations Commission Investigative:

Investigative & Conciliation Officers 

As needed
Library Board of Trustees
Third Thursday/7:00 pm
3 (2)
Parks & Recreation Commission
Third Thursday/4:00 pm
2 (1)
Partner Cities Association
Third Thursday/5:00 pm
1 (1)
Planning & Zoning Commission
First & Third Wednesday/7:00 pm
2 (2)
Property Maintenance Appeals Board
As needed
3 (2)
Public Art Commission
First Wednesday/Noon
5 (5)
Transit Agency Board of Trustees
 Monthly/dates & times vary
Zoning Board of Adjustment

Second & Fourth Wednesday (April-October)/7:00 pm

Second Wednesday

(November-March)/7:00 pm

1 (1)

For more information, call the City Clerk's Office at 515-239-5105.