Welcome To Ames, Iowa

in the Spotlight

  • Sanitary Sewer Project to Continue in West Ames

    Work on the sanitary sewer system in west Ames will resume on Monday, July 24. The City of Ames has contracted with Hydro Klean to line sanitary sewer mains across parts of the community. Contractors will access sanitary sewer lines through adjacent manholes, inflate the liner, and then cure the liner using steam. Once the liner is cured, the contractors will use equipment to cut the liner at locations where individual sanitary sewer services enter the sewer main.

  • Final Community Solar Project Workshops Planned at Ames Public Library

    Ames Electric Services customers interested in learning more about SunSmart Ames, a community solar project, are invited to attend one of the last two public workshops. The workshops are planned for 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 26. All workshops will be held in the second floor meeting rooms of the Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave.

  • Rummage RAMPage Pick-Up Service Available for Donation

    The City of Ames, in partnership with the ISU Office of Sustainability, is hosting its second “Rummage RAMPage,” a community sale designed to keep reusable items – often left on the curb during the annual move out and lease changeovers – out of the landfill. This event is structured so participants donate items, and non-profit agencies help run the sale and share in any profit. The event is open to anyone to donate or shop.